Why Balance?

Balance is a crucial aspect of all around life and how we function, but it can have a different meaning for everyone.  For some, it means being able to hammer down the slopes on a snowboard in the winter and bomb some hills on a skateboard in the summer.  For others though, it can mean just being more in control of their body while they're getting up from a chair or doing work around the house without the worry or risk of falling.  No matter your how you define balance, I'm here to help you improve it through online personal training with fun and functional balance and body weight workouts designed specifically for your goals.  

The Functional Reach Test

Why Test Our Functional Reach?

Though it's mostly used to test the older populations and asses their fall risk, the functional reach test can be a good starting point to really see where we stand...or wobble.  

For best results, try the test three times and average the numbers.  If your numbers come up a bit low, you may want to check out my training services and we can work on improving your balance abilities together!

The Balance Age Test

The balance age test can be an eye-opening experience for those that believe they have amazing balance abilities. Longevity researchers agree that good physical balance can turn back the clock not only physically but functionally. The time, in seconds, that you are able to hold this position correlates with your functional age.

Why I Train Balance

The mind muscle connection required to perform balance exercises has always been fascinating to me. Knowing which muscles to tighten or relax in order to maintain balance on a board, a slack line or even just as you bend over to pick up a fork from the floor is awesome. It's such an intricate system and yet it almost requires that you don't think about it for it to actually work. It's a split second choice made by your own reflexes and can be improved with minimal effort. Yet few people maintain balance as they age, assuming that it's just something they have, until they realize they don't have it anymore. The time to train balance isn't once you've rolled an ankle, or in my own mother's case, once a rotary cutter used for sewing lands on and severs the tendon in your big toe. Life has a way of throwing obstacles in our way from time to time, maintaining a balanced life and body can help us avoid those obstacles, or at least make their challenges a little more pleasant. Life is a balance and I think it's important we remember that. If we spend all our lives at a desk working for the next vacation, how can we really enjoy that vacation if our bodies can't keep up with the fun things we want to do?

Balance is ingrained in almost everything I do.  I love the outdoors and if it requires balance, I'm certainly going to try it once.  The list of hobbies I use to balance out my work life ranges from long boarding, rollerblading and slack lining, to trail running, kayaking and even the occasional unicycle ride when I'm feeling up for a bit of fun.  Through doing all these sports I've acquired a hefty list of exercises that have improved my balance and can help you improve yours as well.   It only takes 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 30 days to see dramatic improvements in your balance abilities;  Do you have time to balance that into your work and life schedule?