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Bacon Brussels Sprouts



-Brussels Sprouts (when picking them out you're going to want to look for nice, firm, green sprouts without any yellow leaves or squish to them.)

- Bacon

- Onion Powder

- Garlic Powder 

- Salt 

- Olive Oil

- A little Water

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Breakfast can often be a neglected meal for those of us on the go.  But what if we made it easier by grabbing one of these high fat and delicious 20 grams of protein breakfast "Muffins"? With a little weekend prep you can have 20 of these puppies sitting in the fridge for a grab and go or grab and re-heat breakfast during the week! 

Step 1:

 Slice, dice and cut up your sprouts into a nice pile...Or spread them everywhere, I'm not your boss.  All you really have to do is make sure there's no really large pieces left.  Small to medium sized chunks are okay though.

Step 2:

 Scoop into a muffin pan and toss into the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  Leave a little room as they tend to rise up while they cook, but sink back down when they cool.  

Step 3:

 Remove from the oven and allow to cool, or pop out of the pan as quick as you can.  This recipe made 20 in my muffin pan, but different sizes might yield different results.  You can also cook this batter in one big pan if you're making it for a larger gathering instead of a meal prep situation. 

Step 4:

Enjoy!  These can be eaten cold, or tossed in a toaster oven or microwave for a quick meal on the go! 

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