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Where There's A WILL There Is A WAFFLE

Craving a low carb breakfast that isn't bacon and eggs? THERE IS A WAFFLE.
Craving a better bread for your sandwiches? THERE IS A WAFFLE.
Craving a crunchy low carb pizza? THERE IS A WAFFLE.
Craving a sweet treat that's easily saved for later? THERE IS A WAFFLE.
Craving a waffle?...THERE IS A WAFFLE.

With 20 Low Carb and Gluten Free waffle recipes to be used as a bun or enjoyed on their own,
there's a cure for every ketogenic craving!​

       After spending years on a Ketogenic diet, I was always trying to track down foods with a quality crunch to them. While working on a cauliflower pizza recipe one day, I couldn't quite get that classic crisp that I was looking for. So I tossed a slice in a frying pan to give it more crunch. The realization of the cheese from the "crust" crisping up from the hot frying pan had me wondering if I could do that with the entire pizza. Then came the waffle iron. It was the perfect utensil for my goals. A hot surface to heat, fry and crisp all the areas of my pizza plans! I threw some things in a bowl, waffled it up and the first pepperoni pizza waffle was born. Little did I know that first experiment and journey down wacky waffle iron lane would result in months and months of waffles for every meal. I know what you're thinking, "He can't really mean every meal.". Every. Meal. It was definitely a journey of ups and downs with plenty of pretty bad waffles. Luckily, this book is a culmination of all the greats and none of the flops. All the waffles that made my body, brain and taste buds go, "Mmm, that's niiiice.". There's not many foods that I miss on a low carb diet, but this book was written to fill the void with a hot sizzle and a tasty crunch. To prove that even during a time of wanting a cheat, if there's a will to succeed, there is a waffle.

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What are the wonderful waffles within?


  • Almond Flour Classic

  • Maple Bacon

  • Blueberry Muffin

  • French Toast

  • Maple on the Go



  • Three Cheese

  • Pepper Jack Ranch

  • Pepperoni Pizza

  • Cajun Pesto

  • Cajun Cheddar Ranch

  • Cheddar Buffalo Blue

  • Three Meat Pizza

  • Crunchy Enchilada

  • Supreme Pizza

  • Mushroom Swiss


  • Cocoa Nib Cookie

  • Maple pecan Cookie

  • Three Stage Fudge Brownie

  • Peanut Butter Cookie

  • Cake

*Macros included in the back of the book for every waffle!

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