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Low Carb Breakfast "Corn Dog"


 1 Cup Powdered Parmesan 

 1 Egg

 1 Tbsp Sugar Free Syrup

 1 Pack of 8 Sausage Links (I cooked them before the recipe)

 Coconut Oil for Frying


I used Coconut oil to fry mine in, but you're welcome to experiment with other oils.  Frying is really the only option though.  They don't cook well in the oven at all. 

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Admittedly, I've been having way too much fun experimenting with my "breading" from both my low carb cheese stick and low carb corn dog recipes.  This time I wanted to create a breakfast friendly version..because, well, why not? So I added some syrup and swapped the dogs for sausage.  Read below for exactly how I did it and the photos that go along!

Step 1:

Mix your Parmesan, egg and syrup together to make your dough.  You're going to want a slightly moist and sticky dough. Different Parmesan brands may be dryer so you might need to add a little more parm or syrup to find the right balance.   

Step 2:

Roll your dough onto your sausages.  I've found them easier to dough when keeping my hands slightly moist while doing so.  It keeps the dough from sticking to your hands and helps to smooth things out. Then toss them in the freezer briefly while your coconut oil heats up to a medium heat. 

Step 3:

Toss your dogs into your medium heat oil and fry them to a nice golden brown.  Fry them at a lower heat and a lighter brown for a more pancake like outer shell or let them go a little longer for a nice crunch.  Honestly, they're both great. 

Step 4:

Remove them from the oil and let them dry slightly on a paper towel.  Then ENJOY! 


Though these are a great low carb treat, they clearly aren't the lowest in calories.  I usually only have 2 - 3 and then keep the rest in the freezer for a quick fry on days I don't feel like doing the extra work and they turn out just as amazing. 

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