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Low Carb Fried Chicken


 Cooked chicken

 1 egg

 2 tbsp Romano cheese (preferably powdered  or grated)

 3 tbsp Almond flour

 Coconut oil for frying in
 Salt or seasoning to taste

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Mix your egg, cheese and almond flour together into a simple dough.  Depending on your egg size you may need a little more or less of each ingredient but the overall goal is a still moist dough that can be applied to your chicken.  

When applying to your chicken, it can be easier to get your hands slightly wet before handling the dough.  This way, it will stick more to the chicken then it does to you.  Aim for a nice even coating but don't worry if you can't get all of the chicken covered, it'll still come out delicious.  

Once you've got your chicken pieces coated, toss (gently place) them into your heated coconut oil.  You don't want to go too hot or too cold here, I usually aim for a mid-high heat on my stove but your mileage may vary.  Using enough coconut oil to fully cover your chicken, monitor it and remove once it hits a nice golden brown.  Place on some paper towels or somewhere to cool while the excess oil drips off, then enjoy!

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