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Low Carb Mini "Corn Dog"


 1 Cup Powdered Parmesan 

 1 Egg

 1 Tbsp Coconut Flour (for that familiar corn dog texture)

 2 Tbsp Water

 5 Hot Dogs (May vary depending on how much dough you use per dog)

 Coconut Oil


I used Coconut oil to fry mine in, but you're welcome to experiment with other oils.  Frying is really the only option though.  They don't cook well in the oven at all. 

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After Making an egg sandwich using frying cheese as the bread, my brother pointed out that I just swapped cheese for bread by saying, "Like a hot dog with a bun? Nah, I'm gonna wrap it in cheese and eat it".  So I pretty much did just that.  By tweaking the "Breading" recipe from my low carb cheese sticks.  I was able to create these amazingly delicious and low carb mini corn dogs. 

Step 1:

Mix the Parmesan, egg, coconut flour and water together to create your dough.  The coconut flour adds that nice corn dog texture but can dry the dough out a little.  If you're having problems with it crumbling too much, add a tiny amount more water until you get a nice sticky dough.

Step 2:

Grab a small chunk of dough and mash it around your hot dogs.  I chose to cut mine in half to make mini dogs because they were just easier to bread that way.  It's best to have your hands slightly wet when you're doughing your dogs so it sticks to the dogs and not your digits.

Step 3:

For the cheese stick recipe, it was necessary to freeze them for a bit before frying.  With these though, they can go right into your hot oil.  I went with a medium - high heat so that I could get a good cook to the dog in the middle while getting a nice brown to my outer shell.  

Step 4:

Remove from your oil when they're golden brown and place on a paper towel to allow excess grease to drip off.  Then ENJOY!

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