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My Weight Loss Adventure

Honestly, I wish I could tell you I was born a different beast.  That I've always just been this wild animal that loved fitness and eating healthy.  But, then I remember that photographic proof like this one exists to say otherwise.  That's me, at 15, in Hawaii.  Yeah, Hawaii.  I was lucky enough to spend three weeks on that beautiful island staying with my grandma, but I wanted nothing more than to be lazy, occasionally swim in the pool and play low level computer games. Don't get me wrong, I was into skimboarding and the occasional bike ride, but being lazy was my main game and maaaan was I good at it! 

By the time I got around to 18, I was actually extremely active; I practiced football, but was very familiar with the bench.  I spent hours every day at the beach skimboarding, rode my longboard, mountain biked and I even loved hitting the weight room.   However, I also had a terrible love for Circle K (gas station) hamburgers and drinking their 64 oz big gulp soda, EVERY DAY for lunch.  Yup, that's right I consumed 800+ calories per day in soda alone, not even counting the large size bag of chips or candy bars that I'd add to the pile.  Even though I had countless friends telling me to cut the soda and I would lose weight, I didn't want to believe them.  It was easier for me to say, "I'm just a bigger guy, this is how I'm built".  I think we can all agree with one look at my diet and active lifestyle, that clearly wasn't the case.  I was just shoving crap into my body with zero idea about nutrition.  


I know what you're thinking here, "Well this looks like a before photo...this must be where he turned his life around?!".  Nope, but it was an attempt.  This was me at around 248 pounds, 6'1" and 22 years old.  I had decided I was going to follow the Insanity workout and meal plan.  I bought all my low fat foods and planned out my meals; I was ready!  Then I did one workout and gave up.  See, I got to here with my love for corn dogs, cans of chili and going through a 30 pack of Mountain Dew a week.  I'm certainly not going to say Insanity doesn't work or their meal plans don't work, but it didn't work for who I was at the time.  It was such an abrupt change; there was no way I was going to be able to stick to a diet like that given my past habits of eating.

This was the before that finally stuck, 24 years old, 250 pounds and 6'1". I had known I had an inguinal hernia on each side and was consistently using it as an excuse as to why I couldn't workout.  This was day one that I decided I was too damn young to not be in the best shape of my life.  I needed to lose weight, get my hernias fixed and get my life together.  I loved hiking, longboarding, mountain biking and all sorts of other things, but I always let my weight get in the way of really enjoying them to the fullest.  This was day one of my path down following a ketogenic paleo diet.  This was the day I turned my habits around and started becoming the animal that I am today.   

One year, no cheats and sticking to 50 grams of carbs or less every day got me to this point at 25... a weight of 180 pounds.  Yes, that means I stuck to my diet during holidays, birthdays and any other reason people may use to justify derailing their diet and goals.  I even had both my hernias fixed three months in and was set back from workouts for another three months after.  I also didn't use a gym membership; I used body weight exercises, lots of longboarding, balance training, eating good quality foods and exploring nature.  I had all sorts of knowledge from my love of lifting heavy things but never had known about diet until this point.  I learned so much over that time and I read everything I could get my hands on.  I developed a drive to help others reach the same success.  180 pounds was a record low for my adult life and damn did it feel good and worth every sacrifice I'd made.  I was a more active person, doing several mile hikes and learning things I didn't know I could even do.  

Now?  Well, now I'm proud to say I've been a NASM certified personal trainer for over 4 years with a dedication to helping others find a love in their journey for fitness.  I don't miss workouts and I have a love for all things fitness, adventure and health.  Getting in shape has allowed me to find more hobbies and go on so many adventures I couldn't have before.  This is my journey so far I hope I've inspired you to stick around for my blog posts and join the journey ahead.  More importantly, I hope I can help you find a love for this just like I have and help you improve your balance and fitness too.

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