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Bacon wrapped pepperoni jalapeno poppers. (On the BBQ)

Yup, you read that right, and yes, they're just as amazing as you're thinking...If not possibly even a little bit better! The best part? They're actually really easy to make too. It's just a matter of letting them get a solid roast and crunch, this is a recipe that you really can't rush. Ingredients:

- Jalapenos

- Cream cheese

- Pepperoni

- Mozzarella cheese (shredded)

- Bacon

- Garlic powder

- Onion powder

Prep time: 10 - 15 minutes

Cook Time : 1 hour

temp: These were on the barbecue, but for oven sake, around 350F

**Word of warning before hand**

When working with peppers, it's always a decent idea to wear gloves. Unless you want a random phantom burn when you itch your eyeball 4 hours later. Yes, I speak from experience, it's not fun!

Step 1:

Cut your jalapenos in half (length wise) and clear our the center and seeds. I find it easier to do so but putting them under a little running water and using my thumb to get underneath the seeds and push them out.

Step 2:

Dice your pepperoni and toss it into the mixing bowl. Add in your cream cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, and mozzarella. For my 4 jalapenos I used about 1/3 a stick of cream cheese, 10-12 pepperonis and a half hand full of mozzarella. (I had a bit left over too.)

Step 3:

Stuff them. You can try doing it with a fork or a spoon, but honestly, you're gonna get the best results just getting your hands a little dirty here and digging in. Don't worry about having the perfect amount. If it mounds up over the top, that's perfectly fine, we're gonna wrap them in bacon anyway.

Step 4:

Wrap each one in a single piece of bacon. Thin sliced will work better and take less time to cook.

Step 5:

For this recipe I chose to use the barbecue because, well, I love cooking with some good ole fashion fire. Best place to put them is up high and away from the coals or heat source. We're looking for a nice slow cook in this situation, like an old school oven. The time for these depends on a few factors like coal temp and desired crispness of the bacon. Since I'm a man that likes a crunch to my bacon, I left them on there for a solid hour with the barbecue maintaining a temp of around 375.

Step 6:

Remove, let cool....Then devour the deliciousness!


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