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Brussels Sprouts Cauliflower "Rice"

Brussels sprouts and cauliflower "Rice" can be a great low carb replacement for rice with way more nutritious benefits. Enjoy as a side dish or even on its own with some added proteins mixed in!



- Cauliflower

- Brussels Sprouts

- Avocado Oil ( I've also used coconut oil, olive oil or bacon grease before too)

- Salt

**Other spices are totally an option**

- Granulated Garlic

- Turmeric powder

Step 1:

Toss your Sprouts and a few cauliflower florets into your food processor, I like to aim for a 50/50 ratio of sprouts to florets.

Step 2:

Using the "pulse" button, blend until you get a nice "rice" like consistency. Depending on how much you packed in there you may need to open up and give a stir or two.

Step 3:

Throw the freshly blended "rice" into a mixing bowl. Add your seasonings of choice and enough Avocado oil for a decent coat once mixed and stir.

Step 4:

Toss the "rice" onto a cookie sheet. Since I was making lunch for 1 here I decided to store the rest for a couple extra meals. I've found it stores pretty well for a day or two and makes it even easier to toss on a pan and enjoy an easy side dish this way.

Step 5:

Toss in the oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. I usually take it out when the "rice" around the edges starts to brown (pictured here) and give it a stir then toss it back in, or right around 15 minutes.

Step 6:

Remove from the oven and enjoy. I love pairing it with avocado myself but there's many options to go with from here. You can even mix in bacon or your favorite meaty proteins.

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