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Low Carb Cheese Sticks With No Dip "Breading"!

Love cheese sticks? Don't love the carbs or the mess it makes to dunk things in eggs, and "breading", and back and forth? Then you're gonna love this recipe!


- 1 Egg

- 1 Cup Powdered Parmesan (maybe a little bit extra)

- String Cheese, I used 5 for this but could have probably used 8 or 9 with the extra dough.

- Coconut oil

- Choice of seasonings (I used onion powder and granulated garlic)

Step 1:

Cut the string cheese in half. I'm guessing you could probably leave them full length if you want some king size cheese sticks though.

Step 2:

Mix together the egg, Parmesan and seasonings of choice. You're gonna want a decent dough ball here. depending on egg size you might need a little more than a cup of Parmesan for the ball to be on the dryer side.

Step 3:

Grab a ball of "dough", press it to the cheese stick and roll it between your hands till you get an even coat. You may need to press around and add a little here and there to make sure there's no gaps and it's pretty evenly coated. PRO TIP: Keeping your hands slightly moist will keep the dough from sticking to your hands.

Step 4:

Toss these hand rolled beauties into the freezer. Minimum of at least an hour and a half . I'm huge on being able to have foods prepped so I usually make large batches and store them in a bag in the freezer to toss in some oil whenever I want a few cheese sticks.

Step 5:

Fry them up in some oil. I went with coconut oil because it has a smoke temp of 350 degrees. If it starts smoking, you've got it way too hot. Aim for a medium high heat, probably around 300. When you toss them in you want them to have a nice simmering boil coming off them. too hot and you won't get a good melt to the inner cheese stick before they burn. Stir around to assure you get an even fry.

Step 6:

Remove from the oil once you get a nice dark golden brown, allow to cool on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil and enjoy!...Once they've cooled of course! No one wants to burn their tongue on a molten cheese stick...

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